Mint is live!
About Usss

Freaky Snakes are made of polymer clay by hand and heart.

Our mission is to connect web2 with web3, promote Cardano as representatives of the crypto world who want to do good things via NFTs.

Goal of the project is to provide a lot of fun and great utility to our community, combining this with help for animals in real life. Team is transparent from the very beginning and is putting emphasis on organic growth only.

We don't want to promise unbelievable things and then not keep our word, we want to proof our aims by delivering them.

  • Wet dreams about making Freaky Snakes project
  • Start claying the snakes
  • Launching socials (Twitter, Discord & Instagram)
  • Publishing 1st part of the lore: "The Destruction of paradise"
  • Doing awful things to make fiat for investment in the project
  • Community building and marketing
  • Collaboration with other Cardano projects (at least an attempts)
  • Launching website
  • Collecting nudes from our community
  • Publishing 2nd part of the lore: "The Inevitable"
Ask your mom what's next... 👀
Founder, Artist

I graduated from economics and business studies, but there was always an artistic part in me, which I hope to show you through Freaky Snakes.

I love all animals and my biggest passion is cats and studying their behavior. Also, I really enjoy baking cakes, decorating them, and making other confectionery. A few months ago, I jumped into cryptocurrencies and CNFT and it sucked me in!

Founder, Community Manager

I study programming and work in IT industry. I’m Freaky Snakes community manager, I do all the marketing, create Discord, and Twitter & Instagram content. You can also contact me about collab.

I'm interested in politics, cryptocurrencies and CNFT- and that's where I spend most of my free time. Besides that, I'm a cat father, huge pizza lover and a PC gamer.


Supply: 4444
Date: 5th of December
Price: 80 - 110 ADA

There are only 699 spots for the whitelist — there are many ways to get one. Enter our Discord server to check out how to become the White Snake.

For our holders we plan to make a lot of events in real life (e.g. pizza events - where we will simply send pizzas to the doors of our family members, because you might not now that, but snakes do love pizza!), giveaways, community wallet, special secret group for top 1k-ranked Snakes, drop, merch discount. Most of the funds will be used for holders and project development.

Yes, a rarity ranking will be announced shortly after the mint. Both genders of snakes will be mixed up in the ranking (gender does not affect ranking)

We would love to support a local (and/or community chosen) animal shelter in our country. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, tens of thousands of animals have been brought to Poland and the shelters are overcrowded.

Yes, we will have a 7% royalty fee on the secondary market sales. We want to be transparent to our community with every move. The funds raised will be distributed:
  • 40% allocated for holders via giveaways and airdrops
  • 30% allocated for future project development
  • 30% allocated for helping animals

As you must know, the most valuable thing for the project is the community. You can help by simply engaging on our twitter and discord. Invite your friends, get people freaky about where this project is going. That's all we need.